Zone Security

Video Verification


Indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras enhance the electronic monitoring of streets, entrances, exits, expensive high-end goods and employees. They allow home and business owners or designated managers to log into a business’s security system and CCTV camera network via a cell phone or laptop.

In addition, Zone Security can also monitor your premises remotely from our control room. This is done via camera alerts which we receive from your camera system (not the alarm system). This way we can ascertain the actual situation on-site and prepare our response units accordingly before they arrive.

CCTV cameras for business fixed near entrances provide an additional layer of security, acting as a crime deterrent while also enabling staff to verify the identity of visitors without having to undergo a face-to-face encounter that could place the staff and premises at risk.

Significant improvements in communications technology have made remote video surveillance a viable option for security and productivity. Nowadays we can even monitor your street during scheduled times to ensure that we either deter perpetrators of crime or catch them in the act.

Our product specialists provide home and business owners with sound professional advice regarding the capabilities of CCTV cameras for both applications.