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Monitoring & Armed Response

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A combination of high visibility standoffs, patrolling and vehicle signage is the trademark of our proactive business. Operating within a dedicated footprint, our response officers learn the area, including common access and escape routes, monitor suspicious activity and when needed, respond immediately to assist with your emergency. All Zone Security officers are PSIRA registered and suitably trained. They have all completed the prescribed certified courses, armed response training, firearm competency, tactical shooting & driving courses


  1. When your alarm is activated or a panic button is pushed a signal is sent to Zone Security’s control room via radio transmitter.
  2. Our control room then checks your location on the map system and dispatches the closest armed response unit to your home/business.
  3. The control room then contacts you, to verify the signal and obtain your security password.
  4. If you are home and it’s a false alarm, we will cancel the response.
  5. Upon arrival, the responding officer will inspect the premises looking for any signs of forced entry.
  6. He will report back to the control room on his findings or if the premises is not accessible.
  7. If all is in order at the premises, he will leave a drop slip to notify you of the call out.
  8. If a burglary or a burglary attempt occurred, he will ask the control room to inform you and request that you come home.
  9. SAPS will always be called out by us in the case of a burglary.

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