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should provide you with an early warning of an intrusion and buy time for the armed response personnel to arrive. A layered security system aims at placing as many barriers as possible between you and the intruder. These barriers can incorporate the following components which are all supplied and installed by ZONE SECURITY.

  • An Electric Fence connected to your alarm system
  • Outdoor Pet Friendly Beams and Infra-Red Sensors
  • Door and Window Contacts
  • Indoor Infra-Red Sensors
  • Fixed and Remote Panic Buttons
  • Audio and Video Intercom Systems
  • CCTV Cameras with remote viewing capability

At ZONE our modern, fully backed up control room has the ability to monitor your alarm system 24/7 and view your on-site cameras when the alarm activates. This allows us to determine whether your activation is a false alarm or a real threat; whether there are intruders on the premises, whether its necessary to call the key holder out to the premises and most importantly the right amount of vehicles to deploy in order to effectively deal with the situation and secure you and your family.



Electric Fences

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