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Zone Security

Zone Security

Your Community Armed Response Service


We install systems that provide you with early warning of intrusion and buy time for us to get to your premises to take control of the situation.


Our modern fully backed up operations centre can monitor your alarm system, electric fence, and CCTV camera system 24/7. Our professional and efficient controllers are always standing by for your emergency.

Armed Response

All our PSIRA registered, well trained, armed and committed staff are in tracked vehicles with GPS guidance so that no one gets lost or left behind when you need us most.

Who We Are

With humble beginnings starting in 2013, we envisioned a security company that delivers the best products and services to all its clients.

Today with over 2000 clients who entrust their safety and security to us daily, we continue to work towards our goal of making our neighbourhood safe again.

Our passion lies in creating safer homes, safer businesses, and safer neighbourhoods for our community. We sleep at night only knowing that you do too.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is that we will give you our best always and will do so with honesty, integrity, transparency, and a dash of speed.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about our business and our customers, and truly understand that happy customers are what keeps us in business.

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