A professionally installed security system, protects lives & properties

What is an effective security system?

At Zone Security we believe in a layered security system approach. Over the years we have seen various systems bypassed or circumvented in some way with criminals being successful. We therefore prefer to consider at least a minimum of 2 systems so that if in the event that one is breached, the other still forewarns you and us.

An effective security system should provide you with an early warning of an intrusion and buy time for our reaction teams to deploy and assist you. These barriers can incorporate the following components which are all supplied and installed by us.


We can customise, supply, and install most makes of alarm systems including hardwired, wireless, outdoor beams and the more modern app-controlled systems.

We are also able to link your existing alarm to our operations centre by installing a Radio Transmitter to send us all the alerts.

Don’t have an alarm system? then contact us to enquire about our Basic Rental System with zero to minimal upfront costs, depending on your requirements.

We will only ever recommend based on what you need, and we only use the best quality materials available to us from our suppliers.


We have installed numerous camera systems at homes, businesses, and streets over the 10+ years we have been in business.

These devices have proven to be very successful in providing an extra level of security in addition to allowing owners the ability to check on their home or business remotely when away.

These days residents are also able to see what’s happening in the street without going outside. And the best part of all, is that we can monitor your home, business, and street cameras, should this be your requirement.

We recommend that you consult with a Zone camera expert first before selecting a CCTV system, so that we can look at your needs from all angles and ensure that you have a compatible system should you choose to have us monitor it for you at a later stage.

Electric Fences

An electric fence without a response from an armed response company in our view is an incomplete security system in today’s time.

Oh, it does what its supposed to do which is to deliver a non-lethal deterring shock to potential intruders, but criminals these days have also figured out how to breach these fences and in the process set off the alarm.

And that’s not going to do any good, if there isn’t anyone that’s going to receive the fence alarm alert and come out to physically see why the fence alarm activated. Meaning criminals can continue undeterred with entering your premises.

So, we highly recommend one as part of a comprehensive security system, but not as the only part. We can connect your electric fence to our control centre and assist you in this regard with advice.

Quality Guaranteed

Whatever your technical requirements, whether an intercom, or access control system or one of the above, we here at Zone Security have an array of product options to cater for your needs.

Our professional, well-trained installations and service teams are always standing by to ensure that there are no holes in your security system. We always use good quality approved systems and devices, and we don’t take short cuts as there is to much at stake for our clients. We take your security seriously.

Layered Security

  • An Electric Fence connected to your alarm system
  • Outdoor Pet Friendly Beams and Infra-Red Sensors
  • Door and Window Contacts
  • Indoor Infra-Red Sensors
  • Fixed and Remote Panic Buttons
  • Audio and Video Intercom Systems
  • CCTV Cameras with remote viewing capability
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