If we can get a signal, then we can get to you

24/7 Monitoring

The old saying was that an alarm without a response is just a noise. And these days we hear many of those around our neighbourhood.

Our operations centre is fully equipped and staffed to receive your emergency whether it’s a burglar alarm, a panic alarm, a fence alarm or a camera alert.  These days they are all able to be controlled via a mobile phone app.

Whatever the emergency. our efficient and alert operations centre staff are constantly on the phone or the two-way radio co-ordinating with our response units on the ground to ensure that we get out to you without wasting time.

A quick response in our business could mean the difference between life and death.


Expert Advice

Our product specialists provide home and business owners with sound professional advice regarding the capabilities of CCTV cameras for both home & business.


At Zone Security we are not only able to monitor your alarm system, but your cameras too (subject to compatibility).

This allows us to determine whether your activation is real or false, whether there are intruders on the property, whether its necessary to call the keyholder and most importantly the right number of vehicles to deploy to effectively deal with the situation and secure you and your family.

CCTV Monitoring

Step 1: The CCTV System (If its compatible to Zone Monitoring Software) will use its built-in human and vehicle detection capability and send an alert to our control centre.

Step 2: Zone Monitoring will then analyse the event footage received and determine the nature of the activation.

Step 3: If a threat is detected on the footage or suspicious behaviour is observed, a response unit will be dispatched to investigate and report back and the client notified.

CCTV Verification

Step 1: Your alarm is activated and sends a signal to Zone Monitoring

Step 2: Zone Monitoring will then dial in to your camera system and observe the cameras.

Step 3: If a threat is detected on the footage a response unit will be dispatched to investigate and feedback to our control centre, and the client notified.

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