Armed Response

Your private security team on standby

Dedicated Patrols

At Zone Security our armed response officers proudly get out of bed at around 4am each morning to start the day and make their way to work. Work for them is a passion. They are passionate about creating a neighbourhood where we can walk around freely and our kids can play safely. They do this because they too are family men and fathers and want the same for their kids.

A combination of high visibility standoffs, patrolling and vehicle signage is the trademark of our proactive business. Operating within a dedicated footprint, our response officers learn the area, including common access and escape routes, monitor suspicious activity and when needed, respond immediately to assist with your emergency. We offer value added services such as holiday patrols, meet and greet and roadside assistance within our footprint.

Alarm Precedure

Step 1: Your alarm is activated, and the signal sent to Zone Monitoring via Radio

Step 2: Zone Monitoring will then verify the signal and your password via phone

Step 3: If there is no answer or hesitation with the correct password, a response unit will   be dispatched.

Step 4: The response officer will inspect the premises for any signs of forced entry and feedback to our ops centre.
             If there are no signs of a disturbance or break in, the response officer will leave a slip with details on and leave the premises

Step 5: A keyholder being informed of the situation at the premises is usually the last step.

Qualified Officers

All Zone Security officers are PSIRA registered and suitably uniformed, equipped and trained. They have all completed the prescribed certified courses, armed response training, firearm competency, tactical shooting & driving courses with ongoing training each year.

Our team is as richly diverse as the community we serve and are ready for almost any eventuality. You can count on us!

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